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First listened to Comfort and Gulf Coast Blues during a long overseas flight. Couldn't help but to play them both many times during the trip...they are now favorites. The music is heartfelt, honest and quintessential Texas. Keep them coming Denice! Hope to see you perform in Houston or Galveston.


Saw you in the movie on PBS and also afterwards when you performed in the studio. You are amazing! I've ordered your CDs (all three!) and will be on the look out for your next performance in the Houston area.

Larry Dunmore 

Hey Denice,

We saw you at the Lyle Lovett concert in Madison and loved your little impromptu with Lyle. Are you performing in the Wisconsin area? Don't remember seeing anything about that, if you are. Have missed you and would love to see you at the cafe Carpe again in Fort Atkinson. Wishing you well and all our best!

Larry and Andrea Dunmore

Brenda Paul Asmus 

Hey Denice! Remember me from SWT. I have been traveling around the world with my hubby. Just retired in Texas. So happy to see you are doing well! Brenda

gato negro 

DeNICE....pleasure seeing u again. And! I am glad that you got to enjoy my dancing. If you would like lessons...oh,nevermind you cannot afford me. Hugs and big wet slobbery kisses. Oh and same to your sig other...whats her name? Kelly?

Marjie Landry 

Had no idea you lived here in Galveston. Hear you and about you on KPFT all the time and tonight, saw you duet with Lyle Lovett at The Grand. I feel the same way about crossing that Causeway and wish you all the best in your career.

Mary Kelch Collins 

Hey girl!! Sitting at Anderson Fair, listening to you and Doug, remembering cold winter Sunday evenings at Gruene Hall. Didn't think those were so gray... Now going back to Camp C and Eagle songs .....

Good to see you!

Julie Franke 


Wishing you a glorious birthday, full of many blessings sweet cousin! Love you Franke Dog....


Sue Peete 

Happy Birthday my dear friend. Enjoy YOUR day the best way possible. Love you....


HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday , missed you Sat., I hear the IRS will not collect taxes on your day...hehehehehe....Luv from N


I met you at a house partying on January 15, 2011. The CD you recommended to me (as "traveling" music)is excellent. I'll enjoy many ride trips listening to it. Thanks again, Kimberley

Martha Cole 

It was SO great to hear you play last night. What an amazing, beautiful blast from the past. Kind of overwhelming, really. Brought back so many memories of San Marcos in the late 70's, early '80's. So glad I got the email re: the performance. Your voice is still as clear and beautiful as it always was. You're amazing.

vanessa anne towers peltier 

Dear Denice.....I was thoroughly intrigued and spellbound by your performance at Anderson Fair on 09/25/10. I must have been in a coma for not noticing you sooner. You have the voice of a songbird with an hypnotic acoustic rhythm worthy to keep a Texas 2-stepper like me dancing. Poetry in song and motion. ♥♥Vanessa Anne

steve davis 

It was San Marcos 1978. I think it was at Grins restaurant. I just moved there for college and I saw Franke there playing and thought at that time, College is going to be cool. I would see them from time to time playing around and would always take some time to listen. I was more of an Antones blues guy but thought Franke was special. I probably had a little crush but was way too shy back then. I would sometimes see her and a friend with red hair walk down Hutchison street where I would be playing my guitar on the porch. Always hoping maybe they would come by but a soft smile was about all I could get. I would change from Lightin Hopkins to my best Neil Young. I think they were friends of Mr. Huffaker the favourite Literature teacher at the college. He lived down the street. That was so long ago and so fond to look back at those days. So glad to she has had such a wonderful career. She deserves it.
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